Smile Design (Smile Aesthetics)

estethica makes you laugh at the prices of the technological devices it uses in smile design and the aesthetics of the smile on the way it comes out for the purpose of aesthetic smile.

What is a Smile Design?

Smile design is the process of eliminating the problems of teeth and gums that spoil the appearance from an aesthetic point of view in accordance with the symmetry of the face and giving it a natural appearance. It is known that from the past to the present the beauty of a smile, symmetrical with a facial proportion, begins to make an impression on the listener before he speaks. Gestures and mimics always create a positive or negative effect before words, in presentations, meetings, meetings, events, in short, in all areas where people are present. In this direction, being well-groomed, being in accordance with the golden ratio of the face, paying attention to dental care and appearance increases mindfulness. The absence of dental stones, the aesthetic position of the teeth and gums contribute to facial expression undeniably. That is why it is necessary at any age to take care of the teeth and gums and pay attention to their appearance aesthetically.

That is why it is necessary at any age to take care of the teeth and gums and pay attention to their appearance aesthetically. Having more than one method in smile aesthetics, which is a multidisciplinary approach, saves time and allows you to have a more useful aesthetic smile due to the fact that the methods for caring for teeth and gums are fast.

What are the Smile Design Treatment Methods?

Thanks to the multiple treatment methods applied in dental aesthetics, it is ensured that the design that is most suitable for the person is made. These;

  • Porcelain coating in smile design
  • Zirconium smile design
  • Laminate veneer (Leaf porcelain)
  • Laser teeth whitening in smile aesthetics (Bleaching)
  • Pink aesthetic (Gummy smile) in gingival treatment
  • Braces treatment in smile design (Orthodontics)
  • Dental implant in smile aesthetics
  • Dental prosthesis applications
  • Root canal and filling treatment in smile aesthetics
  • Dental calculus cleaning (Detartage and curettage)


Porcelain Veneer in Smile Design

One of the most important elements of dental aesthetics is that all the teeth look healthy and are useful. Porcelain veneer is a type of veneer treatment obtained from high-quality porcelain material in the forms of tooth color and shape. In porcelain veneers, the area that will remain under the coating is thinned. Then the mold of the teeth is measured and the person's tooth shape is removed. The prosthetic coatings that are made suitable for the teeth are polished and glued with the help of a special adhesive substance on the thinned teeth. Porcelain veneers, which have been used for a long time in smile design, do not make weight on the tooth and create an aesthetically pleasing image.

Zirconium Smile Design

Zirconium, which is a durable and shiny element obtained from porcelain or ceramic materials, is white in color and is used in dental coatings. Zirconium dental coating prevents oxidation, cracking and difficult to break, has a natural appearance and translucent structure. Smile design, resistant to hot and cold foods, long-lasting. In addition, due to its white color, the teeth show natural and aesthetic.

Laminate Veneer (Leaf Porcelain)

Laminate means 'leaf' in Latin, and veneer means 'covering'. It is a natural white image obtained by repairing yellowed, stained, broken teeth obtained from porcelain materials. With laminate veneer, it provides treatment of color, shape, tooth defects, gaps between teeth, cracked or broken teeth, crossed or oblique teeth in dental aesthetics. Thus, the construction of dental design is ensured in a healthy way. It can be applied to all teeth, including the front and back teeth.

Laser Teeth Whitening (Bleaching) in Smile Aesthetics

The laser teeth whitening method known as 'bleaching' is called cleaning the stains or color yellows that settle on the enamel layer with a special gel with whitening content. In this method, without damaging the teeth and gums, the enamel and dentin layer are purified from the colors formed later, and thanks to the special light source, the smile aesthetics are completed.

Pink Aesthetics in Gum Treatment (Gummy Smile)

Pink aesthetics, which is one of the smile design treatment methods, is the process of shaping the gums symmetrically, taking into account the size of the tooth and the smile line. In pink aesthetics, also known as gummy smile, gum disease is eliminated, making the gums look natural and aesthetic.


Braces Treatment in Smile Design (Orthodontics)

Braces are used in orthodontic surgery in smile design in case the teeth are crooked, overlapping, and the teeth are not where they should be. Braces can be attached to both the outer surface of the tooth and the inner surface of the tooth. Damaged teeth that disrupt the oral structure and affect the smile are repaired. Thus, teeth that highlight the smile in dental aesthetics are obtained.

Dental Implant in Smile Aesthetics

Replacing the lost teeth is the process of placing screws made of titanium inside the jawbone and covering it with materials obtained from porcelain. In the case of falling or losing teeth in the aesthetics of the smile, it aesthetically distorts the image. It also affects the diet by affecting chewing. It also affects the diet by affecting chewing. Implants placed in the jawbone replace the lost tooth root. It is applied without damaging the teeth located next to it, which is preferable from the varieties of coatings. It contributes to the aesthetics of the smile with healthy teeth in tooth design, which provides lifelong use, does not give a metal taste in the mouth, does not wear or break, does not allow color change.

Dental Prosthetic Applications

They are dental treatment applications that make the teeth look beautiful, provide more resistant teeth to replace the lost teeth, and have the quality of bone tissue and dental tissue. Dental prosthesis applications in dental coatings are divided into fixed and movable prostheses.

Fixed Prostheses:

It is made on screw-shaped implants that carry the chewing load on the teeth, which are in the form of metal, fixed crowns or bridges.

Mobile Prosthesis Applications

A type of prosthesis that receives support from the shooting gaps in the tooth, in the form that people who have lost more than half of the teeth can install and remove. It allows you to easily perform all the functions of eating and drinking, mimic movements. In addition, it helps to create a smile design according to the face ratio by filling the gap of the teeth in the mouth.

Root Canal and Filler Treatment in Smile Aesthetics

A root canal treatment method that ensures that the teeth are healthy and look good in the aesthetics of a smile is a process of cleaning the inside of the tooth by removing the dental nerve called the "pulp" located in the natural cavity of decaying or infected teeth. Filling treatment is the process of restoring teeth that have suffered cracks, fractures, rotting or loss of substance with various materials, preventing the growth of carious tissue. In both treatment methods, the goal is to restore teeth to health without losing them, to complete their natural and beautiful appearance.

Dental Stone Cleaning (Detartrage and Curettage)

Tartar and dental stones occur in the teeth due to the fact that food and drinks are not cleaned correctly and completely from the inside of the mouth. For this reason, caries form in the teeth inside the mouth, which even leads to inflammation and tooth loss. Cleaning of detritus in the mouth and scraping of inflammation (curettage) cleaning of teeth and dental calculus is provided. The first step in dental health, which is one of the most important parts of smile aesthetics, is that the teeth and gums are healthy. Teeth that are free of dental calculus make the teeth look cleaner and more aesthetic. Jul, the teeth that are cleaned from dental stones are clean and more aesthetic.


How to Make a Smile Design?

  • First of all, the aesthetic expectations of the person should be listened to and their needs should be understood in the smile design.
  • The treatment method to be applied is planned specifically for the person and the structure of the mouth and teeth is examined in detail.
  • Dental problems are detected in the awareness that oral and dental health is always the priority.
  • After determining the problems of the mouth, teeth and gums, the necessary design form is revealed by making a digital design so that the aesthetics of the person's face, teeth and smile can be symmetrical.
  • If there is a problem with the gums of a person, the gums are restored using the pink aesthetic treatment method.
  • If there is a fracture, caries, tooth loss in the teeth, procedures such as tooth coating methods, prosthesis applications, tooth length extension are performed.
  • If there are problems such as yellowing of the teeth, darkening of the teeth, laser teeth whitening is started.
  • In order to complete the smile design in overlapping, crossed, trapezoid or oblique tooth shapes, braces are used in orthodontic treatment to create a smile aesthetic.
  • In some cases, in addition to dental design, it can also be supported by methods such as lip filling, lip contour, bishectomy, jawline, which makes the procedures performed look more aesthetic.

Who Is Applied to Smile Aesthetics?

Dental aesthetics, which is an application that increases a person's self-confidence and makes them stand out;

  • People with discoloration, darkening, yellowing, staining of the tooth surface,
  • Those with overlapping, perplexed structure in the tooth sequence,
  • Those who have an uneven, uneven structure when looking at the length of the teeth
  • People who have missing, broken or cracked teeth
  • People who have symmetry between their gums and teeth,
  • It can be applied to people who are not satisfied with the appearance of the dental array.​​​​​​​

Before the Design of the Smile

Before the design of the smile, problems such as tartars, bacteria, caries, short teeth, yellowing, darkening, staining of the tooth, confusion, fracture or crack, need orthodontic treatment, gum problems, lack of teeth are observed in the tooth. Before starting the dental aesthetic design, the detected problems are programmed to pay attention to the dental health and aesthetic appearance. After the treatment, when looking at the difference between smile aesthetics and after, it is clearly noticed that a healthy, aesthetic-looking, face-proportioned design work is done.


After the Design of the Smile

When we look at the processes after the smile design, the teeth are cleaned from tartar and tartar, and instead of missing teeth, what seems necessary is the veneer technique with the implant treatment method. Laser teeth whitening is performed using the bleaching method, and it seems that procedures are performed that make a person stand out in the aesthetics of a smile. The procedures performed are generally long-lasting and designed to increase the quality of life.

Is Smile Design Permanent?

The duration of the procedures performed varies from person to person and according to the procedure performed. In dental design, the patient should not neglect to have dental check-ups every 6 months. When oral and dental health is performed in accordance with the doctor's recommendations, the life of the procedures is preserved. However, when the care of the teeth is neglected, it causes shortening the life of the aesthetic smile design, proliferation of bacteria in the mouth and increase in tooth loss. If the teeth with deformity are cared for routinely after orthodontic treatments, your smile will always be bright and your teeth will always look impressive.

Prices for Smile Design 2022

Smile design prices vary depending on the operation performed and the hospital where the treatment is performed. Centers that give importance to oral health and hygiene, pay attention to the cleanliness of the hospital, and continue on the principle of healthy beauty with their experienced staff and years of experience should be preferred. In addition, price and performance comparisons should be made and care should be taken to ensure that smile design prices are in line with the technology used in 2022.

Istanbul Smile Design

When it comes to Istanbul smile design, health centers that make a difference with their before and after smile aesthetics, do not lose their experience, and prioritize patient health and demands should be preferred. Estethica, which has created fundamental changes in dental health and aesthetic smile with its Bakırköy, Ataşehir, Levent and Nişantaşı branches in Istanbul dental design, prioritizes accessibility, patient rights and expectations. To get more information about the design of the smile, you can contact 05497249002 or Whatsapp.

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